Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
3rd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Artesian Spring

Citrus County

Summary of Features

  • Scale - 3rd magnitude (estimated)
  • Scenery - poor
  • How Pristine? - flowing well, enclosed as hotel swimming pool
  • Swimming - fair-good
  • Protection - unknown
  • Crowds - heavy on warm weekends
  • Access - private, only for use by hotel guests
  • Facilities - fine
  • Safety - very good
  • Scuba - no
  • Cost - must stay at adjacent hotel


At King’s Bay Lodge in Crystal River. See map for location. http://www.ThisWaytothe.Net/springs/floridasprings.htm#Florida

Spring Description

The spring is an artesian, flowing well* used to fill a hotel swimming pool in a NE corner of King’s Bay. The pool is rectangular and about 15 by 40 feet. Water in the pool is clear, and there were plants (either elodea or hydrilla) and rocks along the bottom. The maximum depth is about 8 feet. There was no visible boil, and the authors could not determine the location of the flow point.  The spring is partially canopied by a large oak tree on one end and additional trees on the other end, where there is an outflow point.  One side of the concrete pool wall also serves as a retaining wall to the adjoining King’s Bay.  The King’s Bay Hotel is immediately upland from the pool



The authors were informed by a nearby tour guide that this spring was a flowing well.  It is possible that the site is a "regular" spring and that the tour guide was mistaken.

Personal Impressions

The site is interesting and worth a look, regardless of whether it is an actually spring or just a flowing well.  It is one of the few
springs in King's Bay where one can actually see the bottom clearly.

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