Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
3rd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Blue Hole Spring

Columbia County

Summary of Features

  • Scale - 1st magnitude
  • Scenery - outstanding
  • How Pristine? - dock and fence around the parts of the spring
  • Swimming - very good, outstanding snorkeling
  • Protection - excellent
  • Crowds - heavy on warm weekends
  • Access - very good; 1/3 mile walk
  • Facilities - fine nearby
  • Safety - very good
  • Scuba - only with special permission
  • Cost - Fees vary by use - see Use/Access below

Directions (address: 12087 SW U.S. Highway 27 Fort White, FL 32038 (386) 497-4690). From Branford, drive SE on U.S. 27 for about 10 miles. Turn north (left) at park sign onto State Road 137. Take first paved road on the right (State Road 238) to the park entrance on the right. The spring is at the end of a 1/3 mile boardwalk and path that begins just a few feet from the head of the main parking area. From the river, the spring's fenced-off run is about 1,500 feet below Ichetucknee Spring.

Spring Description

The spring forms a lush pool in an area of deep forest and floodplain.  The spring pool is about 75 by 120 feet wide.  Water flows powerfully from a cylindrical limestone shaft near the center of the pool.  The shaft is about 12 feet in diameter and 6 feet below the surface.  It extends down 15 feet before opening into an underwater chamber with a depth of around 35 feet.  There is a cavern system associated with the spring.  Water in the spring is clear and can be an intense blue.  The rest of the pool area is covered in eel grass and about 6 feet deep.  Cypress trees encircle the spring, which is also fed by the run of Cedar Head Spring, which flows into the Blue Hole Spring from the north.


Local Springiana

Personal Impressions

Blue Hole is one of the more spectacular springs in Florida. Its pristine setting, powerful flow, clear water, and skin-diving challenge (it is an accomplishment to fight the strong flow all the way to the bottom) place it in the top tier of Florida springs.

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