Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
3rd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Indian Springs

Wakulla County

Summary of Features

  • Scale - 3rd magnitude
  • Scenery - good
  • How Pristine? - modified recreation/swim area
  • Swimming - very good
  • Protection - very good
  • Crowds - not crowded
  • Access - private -must reserve space
  • Facilities - excellent
  • Safety - excellent
  • Scuba - not allowed
  • Cost - group rates


Address: 387 Bloxham Cutoff Road, Crawfordville, FL 32327, (850) 926-3361; website: www.campwarrior.com/. From downtown Tallahassee, drive south on South Adams until it becomes Crawfordville Highway (US 319 South). Continue past Capital Circle until the road forks to the left and becomes Wakulla Springs Road (State Road 61). Continue on through portions of the Apalachicola National Forest until you come to State Road 267. Turn right for about a quarter of a mile and then turn left into the entrance of Camp Indian Springs.

Spring Description

The spring pool is oblong, about 190 by 130 feet. The vent extends down more than 60 feet before narrowing to the point that divers cannot navigate it. The land slopes down steeply from the camp buildings to the water, where a small dock extends over the basin. As you stand on the dock overlooking the basin, the vent is just off the platform and creates a mild boil. The run is to the left or south, draining into a swampy area that flows under the small bridge on Wakulla Springs Road, just south of 267, and into the run from Sally Ward Spring in Wakulla Springs State Park. Water color ranges from deep blue to greenish and murky depending on the season, water level, and lighting conditions.


The land around the spring is owned by the YMCA and is operated as a camp, so is not open unless you are attending one of their camps or can make group arrangements for a special event. The spring has slides, hanging bridge, and dive platform, and a torpedo-shaped flotation device used for catapulting into the water.

Personal Impressions

JF wishes this attractive little spring were more open to the general public.  Once, overcome by desire to see the site, he drove in and photographed it.  Seeing no one around, he proceeded to jump into the spring pool but was immediately spotted and ejected from the property.

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