Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
3rd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Unnamed Chipola Grotto/Wastewater Spring

Jackson County

Summary of Features

  • Scale--4th magnitude, est. 
  • Scenery--Poor 
  • How Pristine?--Adjacent to industrial area and outflow water pipe, near highway, littered, foul-smelling 
  • Swimming--No 
  • Protection--Unknown 
  • Crowds--None 
  • Access--Very good, by boat only 
  • Facilities--None 
  • Safety--Potentially hazardous waste 
  • Scuba--No 
  • Cost--Free

Quick Directions


Accessible via boat.  From the center of Marianna on U.S. 90, go north on Jefferson Street (State Road 167--the same turn as for Florida Cavern State Park) and proceed about 1.5 miles to the bridge over the Chipola River. Put in and go downstream about two miles.  The spring is 600 feet south of the point where U.S. 90 crosses the Chipola River, on the west side.  Look for a cascade of wastewater about 125 feet west of the river.  GPS coordinates:  N30.46.24; W85.12.958.

Spring Description

Water flows from a couple of openings at the base of a limestone wall/bluff(about 8 feet high).  The small flows combine to form a tiny creekthat runs about 125 feet to the Chipola River.  The water from the spring was clear.  Water from the spring is joined with water from an outflow pipe 40 feet to the south.  This outflow (perhaps 15 gallons per second?) was bright green on dates of visit (March 2004) and smelled like sewage.  Water cascaded from the outflow down the sloping land toward the river.

Land rises perhaps another 10 feet to the west of the spring and outflow pipe to an active industrial area.  Garbage, broken glass, weeds, and muck surround the spring and outflow pipe.  Note:  on the second visit in late March 2004, there was no flow from the spring at the base of the limestone bluff.  There had been no appreciable rain in the intervening weeks.


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