Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
3rd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Springboard (or Mr. Simmons') Spring

Jackson County

Summary of Features

  • Scale - 2nd magnitude
  • Scenery - fine
  • How Pristine? - land cleared above spring; otherwise very natural
  • Swimming - fair - good
  • Protection - unknown
  • Crowds - some use by swimmers and fishermen
  • Access - fair - good
  • Facilities - none
  • Safety - unknown
  • Scuba - yes
  • Cost - free


From U.S. 90 in Marianna, go west on Highway 276, pass under Interstate 10, and continue on to Highway 167. Turn left and go until you pass County Road 1656. Continue on 1.1 miles to Mystery Springs Road. A gray doublewide trailer home is at the intersection. Turn left and proceed 1.4 miles on a dirt road until it and the forest on the left seem to end and there is a large "No Trespassing" sign. Turn left just before the sign onto a narrow dirt road and drive about 100 yards to the water, which is the east run of Black Spring. Proceed by boat 200-300 feet to the left (west) to the spring basin.

From Black Spring, take the west run 100 yards and go upriver about 0.8 mile. Look for the wide (40 feet) mouth of the Springboard Spring runabout 150 yards upriver from Double Spring on the right (north) side across from an area of large stands of tall reeds in the Lake. Follow run 200 yards to the spring.

Spring Description

The spring pool lies in an area of dense vegetation and floodplain forest. The basin in nearly 100 feet across, and the pool is circular. The water was not very clear, and the depth could not be determined. According to Rosenau et al. (1977, p. 188), the pool has steep sides and is more than 40 feet deep. There was vegetation in the water, and the bottom was muddy. Land rises up perhaps 40 feet from the back (north) end of the pool and is cleared and grassy.

Except for the land directly behind the spring, the area around the spring is swampy and low and covered in dense vegetation and floodplain forest. The spring run narrows from the width of the pool (about 100 feet)to as little as 25 feet across along its 600 foot run to Spring Lake. The run was less than one foot deep on the date of the authors’ visit in February 2001.


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