Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
3rd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

Unnamed Spring by Banana Island

Citrus County

Summary of Features

  • Scale—4rd magnitude (estimated)
  • Scenery—poor (spring) to fine (adjacent island)
  • How Pristine?—completely covered in exotics and algae
  • Swimming—no
  • Protection—excellent
  • Crowds—none
  • Access—good, boat only
  • Facilities—none
  • Safety—very good
  • Scuba—no
  • Cost—free


Located in a small alcove at the NE corner of Banana Island, just below the narrow pass between Banana and (NAME?) island to the NE. The spring is also almost directly west of Paradise Point.

Spring Description

The spring forms a semicircular alcove on the NE end of Banana Island. The spring area is about 45 feet across, and two small (1-2 feet in diameter) boils were observed at the surface through the thick exotic vegetation and algae. The depth of the vents could not be determined due to the vegetation and algae, but appeared to be around 4 feet outside of the spring area.


There is no use of the site. The nearby narrow channel between Banana Island and (NAME?) Island is a youth hangout. Youth anchor their boats and drink and cavort in the shallow water.

Personal Impressions

Another of several springs in King’s Bay that are polluted and damaged by exotics to the point that they bear almost no resemblance to their historic conditions.

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Contact Information

Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge
1502 SE King’s Bay Drive
Crystal River, FL 34429