Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.
3rd Edition by Joe Follman and Richard Buchanan

The Santa Fe River

Introduction with Photos

Worthington Spring
Treehouse Spring
Hornsby Spring
COL 428981
Darby Spring
Columbia Spring

U.S. 27 to State Road 47

Below Poe Spring
Lily Springs
Pickard Spring
COL 101 971
COL 101974 (at Rum Island)
Rum Island Spring
GIL 101971
Naked Spring
Johnson Spring
Blue Spring
Little Blue Spring

To be added: COL 930971, Pickard Spring, Jonathon Spring, COL 101975 (at Rum Island)

Ginnie Springs Group

Little Devil Spring
Devil's Eye Spring
Devil's Ear Spring
July Spring
Ginnie Spring
Dogwood Spring
Twin Spring
Sawdust Spring
Deer Spring
COL 1012972
COL 1012971
Siphon Creek Rise Spring
Big Awesome Suck Siphon
Little Awesome Suck Siphon
Myrtle's Fissure
GIL 101 2971
GIL 101 2972
47 Boatramp Spring

To be added: Unnamed Spring

State Road 47 to the Suwannee River

GIL 928 971
Cedar Spring
GIL 928 972
COL 928971
Wilson Spring
Unnamed Spring
Possible Unnamed Spring
COL 917971
Sunbeam Spring
Oasis Spring
SUW 917971
GIL 99972
GIL 729972 (or GIL 7299973)
Campground Spring
SUW 107971
GIL 107971